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>Korone request from the last thread

Your arms felt like lead weights. They were bruised and battered, inflamed and lacerated up and down their length. Your blood stained t-shirt was ripped up and shredded. Your vision was shaky and blurry against the blinding light above you. Your face felt numb to the touch but you could tell that your cheeks were swollen and hot. You shivered as the cold air of the room seemed to torment your already abused body.

The boxing ring you were standing in was small and had the word ‘DOOG’ printed in the middle in large bold print. It was a smaller segment of a much larger gym as you noted the various exercise equipment around the large room. Much of them you’ve been put through so many times that you knew them by heart. The bicycle. The treadmill. The weights. The overhang bar. The running track that surrounded the entire underground gym. Your mind spun as more oppressive memories of those machines filled your mind as you pressed your back against the ropes that surrounded the ring.

“Come on, you’ve done so well already, you can’t quit now!”

You barely had enough time to register the voice before you were grabbed and thrown to the ground. As you were slammed against the hard floor of the ring you managed to get a glimpse of your attacker. It was Korone. The girl you loved. Or, supposedly loved. It was hard to tell these days. She had the hard kind of love. The kind that ended with you being sprawled out on the floor and bleeding all over.

“It’s time to start again!”

As she said this she sent out a flurry of punches as you were still down on the ground. You were able to block a good bunch of them, due to your previous ‘training’ sessions, but just as many of them broke through your defense and slammed into your abdomen. You steeled yourself as each punch felt like a truck slamming into your gut. You were no boxer. Hell, before you met this dog girl you barely could even lift weights. But Korone, she was on a completely different level. It was like pitting a kid who just joined their after school boxing club against a major league fighter. The night and day difference you could feel with each blow.

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