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>I cheat on Kiara.

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Kiara stop trying to make fetch happen

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Dont use my oshi to shitpost, faggot.

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You take that back about Tiara

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Finished watching the ttrpg/gartic phone collab and although I'm a bit sad that they couldn't do the ttrpg the gartic phone part was very cute.

I was kinda hoping to see how the the changes would pan out for her. Would not have picked stealth myself seeing as how she's a proper gunslinger now with 3dots on her gun skills with a merit for revolvers.

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>missing a cute q&a by kiara
>to get a signed poster by the worse VA for goku

Your brother better be fucking grateful.

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I just want her to succeed and have a happy life from now on, some fan feeling cucked over their idol getting into a relationship is some psycho shit.

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Hey anon.
Are you okay?


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Think you're so clever?
Thought you gamed the system?
No (You)s for you

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