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First time ever contributing a story. Was inspired by that one Rushia story from the last thread, but this time with a heavier concentration of abuse.

Once more you awaken, not so much roused from slumber as you were painfully torn back to the waking world. It's as though every synapse in your brain is screaming in unison, all your other senses are smothered under a roiling ocean of pain. But then, suddenly, it stops. As the pain vanishes your reeling mind begins to piece together your surroundings, parts of your brain which mere minutes ago were completely overtaken now start to build a picture of where you are. Your sense of smell is the first to return - the stench of various chemical compounds and catalytic agents all too familiar to you by now. You feel cold metal on your back, it seems you are lying on some kind of table. Sound begins to filter through your previously deafened ears: the sound of rushing air, the thrumming of machinery and the hum of halogen lights. Finally you gather the courage to open your eyes and are momentarily blinded. Searing white light filters through to your half-lidded eyes and you hastily close them again.
The sensations of the world around you stand in stark contrast to the state of your own body. You feel sluggish, a numbness has taken hold of your extremities. You attempt to rise to a seated position but find the effort overwhelming and resolve instead to try and roll onto your side. Your body stubbornly refuses to listen to you, but you keep trying and eventually manage to succeed at turning over.
Too vigorously it seems, as you roll of the table entirely and land on the cold floor below. The table is sent on its side and the clattering of medical instruments on the ground alerts someone to your presence. A quiet, cold voice echoes from the dark hallway that leads out of the room you are in.
"Awake already?"

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yes please

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