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But she is?

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>I think the biggest misconception autists like you have about their relationship is the idea that it was this huge falling out that occurred in the first place.
If you could show me where I said where they had a huge falling out, I'd love to see it. I forgot that if you don't add a million qualifiers when discussing this topic, anons like (you) will somehow I assume that I mean the worst.
I know that they're still friends. I know that they probably have hundreds of offscreen interactions that we'll never know about. Hell I've been one of the biggest advocates against the doomfagging about their friendship. I'm just going off of what Mori expressed about her friendship with Kiara. The fact of the matter is that they drifted apart despite how close they were before Kiara moved. That's why I'm not optimistic that they won't have similar problems a few months from now but I could be wrong.

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Wtf is that really Milky's voice??

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She mentioned what her fursona was on twitter then months later admitted in a stream that she made furry oc art she would use to roleplay with another girl back in the day.

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Oh shit, its a dude on a dog!

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for some reason I thought that was gonna be tomorrow her time. Guess I gotta wake up early for that

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Is he a newbeat or something? How does this guy not know. Mori literally talked about going to Europe to visit her.

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Seriously. Since when did 5ch start liking Kiara?

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Wait there are people watching Mori for gameplay? I just put it on for the cute humming and dorky comments.

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Can't believe you all got it wrong.

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How does mori feel about deadbeats killing other deadbeats?

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Did... did we just beat guac and lean?

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Mori is doing so many good song collabs, how tf are they going to decide who to have her perform with at the next holofes? I guess just go for blue women Suisei and Gura?

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Bare your ass for this dick.

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>621 ips

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So why do Nips hate Iroha?

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>check catalog
>see e-celeb begging >>22986539
>leave catalog

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I never understood this picture. Why would Mori have sex right there while Kiara is in the kitchen? It would leave a mess and be impolite to Kiara. Mori is more considerate than that.

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>concernfag doxxbeat namefagschizo

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>You now remember Mori at the Hololive new years stream

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Yes, but we are your assholes

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>implying Gura was ever targeted on /vt/
Ever heard of Calliope Mori?

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Is she /here/...

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