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Korone lets out small huffs and wuffs as she drives herself down upon you, the walls of her vagina contracting around you as you shiver. "And really, you're a man! I know you were staring at my ass earlier! Why didn't you just pin me down and fuck me?!"
"I--" You begin, taking a deep breath. Persevere for your girlfriend! "I'm in a relationship! I can't do that!"
"You're in a relationship with US!" She replies, picking up the pace. "Don't hold back! Do whatever you want with us both! C-Claim us both!!"
"He's not dating you, goddamnit!!" Okayu shouts out again, her anger flickering again as she lets out a low groan of pleasure. The chair continues to vibrate under her... "He's mine!"
"He's OURS, the same way YOU are ours! We all belong to each other! You just need to learn that fact!" She shouts back, glowering over her shoulder before looking back to you, her expression softening. "We're a package deal, no matter what she says. I won't hold it against you...you didn't know! But now you're going to fucking learn."
"Korone, please..." You struggle to stay coherent. Your abuser lets out a little sigh as she slows her movements, unwrapping an arm from your shoulders as she instead brings the hand up to your cheek once more.
"You're going to keep fucking me," She begins, stating that very matter-of-factly. She begins to build up force once more as she speaks. Your balls start to clench. "You're going to cum inside me, over and over again...you're going to do allll this while Okayu watches and cums her brains out...until she's so horny that she doesn't care anymore. Until she doesn't care which one of us gets our hands on her. And when she doesn't care anymore, there'll be nothing left to hold you back, right? You can let it all out...all those dirty thoughts you had about me...both of you. We can all be together...enjoying each others bodies, loving each other...all of us. Don't you want to have two girlfriends?"
"It doesn't work that way! It--"
"Shhh," She cuts you off, nibbling her lower lip as she starts to ride you with the same force as before, occasionally grinding her hips upon you. You're gonna cum... "Just focus on feeling good...let go of those silly thoughts! Let it all melt away...and stop holding it in! Fill me up already! Stop trying to act strong for her! She's already came twice!!"

You look over to Okayu as your dick throbs within Korone. Sweat pours off her as she continues to twitch and moan, eyes starting to roll up into the back of her head. Trying as hard as she can to hold on as she digs her nails further into the chair's arms, she focuses on you. She begins to spasm once more as she watches your cock plunge into her best friend over and over. "D-DON'T...DON'T CUM!! DOO-OHHH!!-N'T CUM! DON'T!"

Okayu lets out a screaming moan. As you watch her, your brain fires off the 'go ahead' signal, and you relent to Korone's assault. Your hips buck up as you clench everything, cock erupting within the dog as she lets out another loud moan, eagerly accepting your seed into her womb as she starts to contract around you, her own orgasm finally hitting as she 'wins'.

"Okayuuu! He's cumming! He's cumming so much!!" Korone pants in exaggerated bliss. At least, you think it's exaggerated... "I-It feels so good! He's breeding me!"
"NnnnnnnOOOOOOOUHG!! OFF! G-GET OFF!" Okayu shouts once more, apparently grappling with a fourth orgasm, eyes fixated on the point where you and the dog woman are connected, tears streaming from her eyes. There's a puddle forming under her, leaking off the chair... "I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! GET OFF HIM! NOOOO!"

Malevolence flashes across Korone's face once more. As she leaves you panting on the chair, the dog quickly slips off your lap, keeping her legs tucked together as she moves right back over to Okayu. The cat looks up at her with as much anger as she can muster through her repeated orgasms, still throbbing and twitching.

"You want his cum out of me that badly?" Korone mockingly pouts.
"Nnnngh!!! Nnnot yours!" Okayu responds, trying to communicate the best she can. "Mine!"
"Then," Korone trails...teasingly opening her legs. She steps onto the sides of the chair, forcing Okayu's face into her groin! "Get it out of me! You can have whatever you can lick out. I'll be getting more, soon...unlike you, I'm willing to share!"

Okayu wastes no time. You watch as Okayu quickly begins to work her jaw, plunging her tongue into Korone deftly. The dog girl lets out a whimpering moan, planting her hands on the back of her head, going so far as to grind against her mouth. Something like jealousy flares up within you...but it's weaker than before. The puddle under Okayu grows larger.

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