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Ain't it this >>63259251 ?

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FC Limited Goods
<Goods Limeup>
<会員限定>ときのそら アクリルジオラマ(単品) ¥1,800(税込)
1.- Acrylic diorama (unit price)
<会員限定>ときのそら USBメモリー(単品) ¥2,800(税込)
2.- USB Memory (no info on storage capacity) (unit price)
<会員限定>ときのそら デザインネクタイ(単品) ¥3,980(税込)
3.- Design pattern Necktie (unit price)
<会員限定>ときのそら ビールジョッキ(単品) ¥2,980(税込)
4.- Beer Jug (unit price)
<会員限定>ときのそら 特大タペストリー(単品のみ) ¥8,800(税込)
5.- Big tapestry (only one unit)
<会員限定>ときのそら 社会人応援セット ¥11,560(税込)
6.- "New Working Adult" Support Set (Item 1 to 4, not 5)
The set (6) includes item 1 to 4 and a sticker with a printed handwritten message!
People who are not "New Working Adult" can get also this set!

Sales open from November 25th limited to orders made
Shipping scheduled for the second half of February
Sales limit period 25th Nov (Sat) 17:00 (JST) ~ 11th Dec (Mon) 20:00 (JST)
●販売場所:ときのそら公式ファンクラブ オフィシャルショップ
Shop: Tokino Sora Official FanClub
Shop URL to be disclosed on the 25th. More information to come on NEWS articles.

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