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>biggest small corpo yab in history
>channel still growing
>didn't lose a single paypig
>gen 2 soon
How did EIEN Project do it?

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I don't groom Kiki and haven't allowed her to fully groom me. I simply watch and enjoy. I coom to her when she wants it and coom to JPs when she doesn't.

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IdolEN, if you see any posts trying to put you off joining their memberships, ask yourself why you think that is. You can easily find what perks you get if you join, the official information is a few clicks away.

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I know that's you, lonely Skyelight.

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>but it seems I'm the only who cares about that
You're not. My only issue was when she brought up discord constantly on stream. I've coped and it makes sense at the end of the day because she's active on there. Also from what I've seen, most of what's discussed on discord is brought up, for she usually shares what she's going to do on discord and then later discusses how it went on stream. If you didn't visit discord at all, you wouldn't miss much. Kiki is actually handling it very well.

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just imagine a skinny, pale, sweaty, flat chested and nerdy Flip sitting at her computer wearing only her bra, shorts and glasses

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lmao cope, I'm not the only one

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Yes Kiki, I have something here you can suck and blow all you want...

My dick. I meant my dick.

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If Kiki is sleeping it doesn't count as cheating

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>bed for 2

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I feel too sorry for them to bait. Riitards are thick-skinned enough due to their retardation.

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what do you meeeeyin

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>smallest person in her already tiny SEA family
>so tiny she's genuinely concerned her body wouldn't handle giving birth and would rather just adopt
>doesn't want kids anyway and would prefer pets
>talks about her pussy juices with her dad in the same room
>mouth so small she has her own child-sized spoon
>gags easily and tears pour down her face instantly
>does a countdown with one of her brothers flushing their shit in the background
>cut out the eyeballs of a chicken head and took them home because she thought they were pretty

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What do you meeeeeean?!

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What do you meeeeeean?

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>K: this morning I, like, I like fisted myself for the first time and erm, squirted all over my keyboard hehehe!
>chat: TSKR ToT ToT TSKR
>K: what do yuu meeeeEEEaaaannn? tskr? TSKR? what do you meeeeeeeaaan?! what did I eveenn saaaAAAay? yuu guuys...

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