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>Marine can now eat like an actual 17 year old
>Rushia receives all of the downsides

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With flatties like Rushia, I greatly prefer the idea of a "monkey's paw" scenario.
Her tits do grow, but they're WAY bigger than expected, and more bothersome to deal with than if she just had a modest bust.
And of course being turned into a whale doesn't help.

I just love the idea of Rushia having to wonder if it was worth it and also trying to hide her embarassment about her weight by acting really proud of her breasts, but everyone just keeps mentioning or poking her big gut.

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its better if they aren't altered in anyway besides the mega tits, and have to deal with having really tight clothes and losing their balance

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its only better when the flattie ends up regretting wanting huge tits, because going from one extreme to the other is a lot more uncomfortable then they expected

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Her cups overflow.

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I'm more into the idea of her getting boobs, but then her tit envy just keeps making her want more and more.
Just imagine Rushia acting smug about having bigger boobs than Noel, even when it took several hundred pounds to get there.

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