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I don't understand why they still hate watching her...

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Why tf I keep on coming back here
Fuck fuck fuck

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Who is the sexiest babi?

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Why do people still like me and come to my streams if I’m a shit streamer?

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I need to do a fucking fanbase clean up and get her with the right crowd before they cancel her too like what happened to Cimrai
These monsters eat their kind
I am willing to put time and recourses into this operation with short terms goals up to one year, easier if I just straight get her into hololive and have a unicorn- ex-tumblrite war, purging the weak from both fanbases.
Get her a loli reincarnation and the process speeds up x100. This might be my most ambitious project yet.
I will save my proto oshi.

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Shitty sketches specially welcome
hard shitposting too

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wtf did I just read

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You will never be hugged by a cute alien

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Damascus don't fall for Grimmi that girl has fujo in her eyes she's beyond rotten.
You will be making out with Jones in no time after you are done with your share of the thousand sprites

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NTA but this is an insult to my schizophrenia

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Why are chuubas like this

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>viewers are viewers actually in their fucking chats, not posters.
If you are a hardcore fan of anything, you end in the chans.
This is the only place on earth that discusses small indie vtubers.
Every chuuba is /here/, and so is every important viewer.

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Honestly the thread might be a bit too harsh for too the simpleton.
The thread is filled with people experiencing vtubers for the last two years+, they already leveled up and know how to contain himself.
His attitude reminds me of how things used to be in the early days or in /hlgg/ - particularly his inability to understand goslinging is something you should do anonymously because western vtubers are terrified of them and shit of them openly.
Shimada is pretty much a saint for not falling for the meta, as far as I know she has always been kind to the people that fall for her, even when some were dangerous schizos.

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At last, revenge against the fucker who started misusing the vtuber tag
This proves what I always knew: everyone I don't like is a bad person.

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>lig was born under the Rushia storm
>whig is born during the Kronii debacle

Always the worst timings to create a new general, huh. At least it isn't the 25th yet.

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Wait, pekora bought a monkey?
A real life monkey?
Is that legal in japan?

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Viewercord IGNORING chuubas!

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what an unpredictable turn of events

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find a common denominator about your vtubers and make a thread based on that. The more arbitrary, the better.
Then if you play your cards right, they will end up networking and collabing under the guise of "Unity", creating a small corpo with you as the tacit CEO, because you decide who gets in.
Piece of advice: find a way to exclude males, underaged girls, and 2views. They will disrupt your garden and become leeches.

Tell me which vtubers you want to watch and I could probably create a concept for you.

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