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I think buds upset at others for talking about Aaron should chill out. He's a menace for a reason. Please step out if you can't handle a normal discussion.

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I want a Rosemi teacup

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I fucking love that game, good taste anon.
It really annoys me how few games actually have pregnancy content and birthing scenes instead of just fading to black or bad ends.
Hazumi and the Preg State is another pregnancy gem if you haven't played it! Also if you're into NTR or strategy games where your girls can be captured and mindbroken/impregnated into joining the enemy play Leanne of Legitimate Crown 2!

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I only drink cheap instant tea to warm up etc, usually raspberry etc. Maybe start with that since it's easy to improve the flavor of fruit teas with syrups/sugar etc, even a little bit of it makes a difference. I used to drink normal black tea but kinda moved on when I started drinking coffee

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Sorry sir I must direct you to check back with the other losers.

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>catching up on the vod
>"i use the normal toothpaste, the one my mom got intot he habit of buying"
>oh that's neat I lowkey thought she'd have flavoured one or something
>LITEALLY THE NEXT SECOND: "but I sometimes want to try the kiddie toothpaste, the flavoured one you know?"
of course you do Rosemi, of course you do

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Rosemi is pretty amazing when you think about it. She can speak 3 languages fluently.


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>cute woman
why not

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what are you drinking tonight alcoholic pentomo anon? im drinking peanut butter whiskey and its like candy that gets you drunk

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Sometimes I get angry at Rosemi for one silly reason or another, but then I get to catch her live, and I can't help falling in love with her all over again.

Unlike most people I'm glad I will never get on with my oshi because by God, I would be toxic as all Hell.

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Havent been to these threads since the males debuted
any of them brought up Rosemi at all during streams?!

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San on deez nuts, gottem!

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How's it growing buds?
I've been slaving all day
what's going on today?

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Rosemi GFE and Reimu GFE will heal my soul.
I want a joint ASMR stream with both of the girls involved.

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