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As Polka's stream moves on and into the ending section, your girlfriend cuddles up to you, snuggling under your arm. You reciprocate by squeezing her shoulder, sinking into the couch alongside her. She wanted to see what all this 'vtuber stuff' was about, so you asked her to join you for one of Polka's streams. She's your favorite, after all. You're even subscribed to her membership. While you may be in a relationship now, you still hold her close to your heart.

"Well, she's cute..." Your girlfriend mutters, seeming...disinterested. "But I don't really get much of the jokes. Or games she's playing..."

Deflating a bit, you nod. "Well, yeah...in jokes and the stuff, plus you don't really play much, so it makes sense that maybe game related things don't grab your attention...sorry."

She shrugs at your side as Polka continues to wind down, talking to everyone. She's her usual cheery self, as far as you can tell. You know Polka's prone to changing feelings at the drop of a hat. Someone in chat mentions that they have a girlfriend that they're watching with.

"Eh...?" Polka begins, still grinning. Oh, this is your favorite part. Yandere Polka is so cute! "A girlfriend...? Eh? A girlfriend??"

She stares at the screen, her face unwavering. Your girlfriend cringes a bit.

"W-What's she doing?" She asks. Polka continues.
"Hey, really...who is that? Who's that woman? I've never seen her before. Is this her first time here?"
"Anon, this is--"
"Do you think it's funny? Bringing another woman here? Hey. Look at me. Look me in the eyes. Who's this?" Polka insists. Her face is still the picture of joy, her smile growing just a bit as she just barely bears her teeth. The BGM of the stream stops abruptly. "You're not cheating on me, right? Right? Don't make Polka do something bad. She better not be there later tonight. She better be gone. I'll be watching."

The serious, quiet tension dissipates as Polka begins to giggle, her BGM beginning to play. You let out a soft laugh, feeling particularly mirthful. You always love hearing this sort of thing. Maybe it's your kink?

"Ah, man, that's-"
"Terrifying..." The woman at your flank whispers, curling up a bit. "God, it felt like she was...talking directly to me..."
"Mm?" You look over. You pat her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. "That's just called being immersed. This kind of stuff is good for it. Helps you feel like you're more involved."
"I'd rather not be immersed in a situation where I'm feeling threatened," She continues, idly rubbing her thigh with her free hand. "That's just scary."

Shivering, she stands, mentioning something about going to bed. You sigh as she leaves, looking up to Polka. You really DID enjoy the stream, at least. Leaning over, you run your fingers over the keyboard, resolving to give her a donation. You smirk a bit as you decide to play into the previous comment a bit. Technically, it isn't a lie. Slipping Polka fifty burgerbucks, you drum out your comment.

'Thank you for the stream! I think my girlfriend enjoyed it.'

You hit send and recline, crossing your hands over your stomach. As Polka's stream heads to its closing, your message pops up. Polka pauses to read your message. The BGM stops once more. You move to the edge of your seat in excitement, grinning like a little kid. Here it comes!

"...You're really trying to mess with me, huh? You'll see. Don't worry. If she's there later, you'll both regret it. Honestly, from a member, too...I don't take infidelity lightly, you know? But it's okay. You belong to Polka, and you always will. Even if I need to take you away from that bitch. Thank you for the superchat!"

With that, Polka says her goodbyes, and the stream stops properly. While it's a shame that the interest sharing didn't go as planned, you were overall very satisfied with the stream. Polka's yandere shtick is great. She can really play it up. Hell, it almost sounds genuine sometimes! You'll probably regret the donation later, but for now, you're extremely content with it. Stretching out, you resolve to head into bed. It IS late; nearly 1am, again. Staying up late to watch Polka was never a problem for you, but now you've got other responsibilities. Your partner is already there, dozing peacefully. You feel a bit guilty for what happened there, at the end; though it wasn't your fault, it sure did creep her out. Getting in with her, you cuddle up behind her, closing your eyes.

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