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The fuck did I just read?

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Being honest, this is how I see it
Fuck politics, I don't like discussing them, maybe I'm incredibly dumb or the "politics fandom" it's just plainly toxic, probably both

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Being serious, the state of Nyanners fanbase and antis has gone to a route that is not even a joke at this point. Pink cat should stop giving a damn about drama and pandering to groups of people that oppose each other.
If every Nyan criticism or shitpost is supposedly going to become an attack or fans in an imageboard are reactionary, something's going wrong.
>Is Nyan involved? No? Then why do I care? Why did they bring it up?
You don't care, obvious as that. It's obvious you are not an schizo, but you are in a place where creating and spreading "rrats" is encouraged, make the math.
Conclusion=idiots exist in the form of discord trannies and schizo antis, don't know if you can resolve that shit, but as long as there is friction between those two...

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