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M-my heart

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>Not that any of you would know what I'm talking about since you don't watch streams.
Every time someone posts something like this I picture the soijak image with him propping his glasses up. The notion that people on a vtuber board wouldn't watch streams is the most retarded thing, as if watching a vtuber stream has some sort of integrity to it or something. Streams have to be the most lowbrow and easy to consume visual medium there is.
Not like that's got anything to do with Hakoz' voice, you don't even need to watch a full stream to know she sounds retarded kek.

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>big group therapy session
Isn't therapy supposed to make you better, not worse?

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No need to get that dramatic over it. Just enjoy your oshi in peace. It's what she or he (fuck that xe/xer shit, dont watch those) would want for you.

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No Wamy?
Yes Wamy?

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Artfags suck, and people who pay for pornogrophy both suck. Why the fuck are you supporting deviant-art tier people who charge 50$ for an iofi-tier drawing? And why are you paying degenerate whores to shake their ass when 99% of its free on the internet?

Both are Based.

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Now that the dust has settled...
Who gives a shit?
Other than iofi kek

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Jokes on you, a woman joined my buddies discord server and disallowed that shit because it made her uncomfortable and others followed

thank god I have no friends anymore

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I do not take anything too seriously

Also Nene is more of a safespace of positivity for me. Doesn't mean that I will lock myself into positivity

Also this board is not as bad as people like to think

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It sure does

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yes youre right. she will NEVER collaborate with a male.. speculation is pointless

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its what happens when the 2d girl has a perfect personality, her physical imperfections already gone since she is 2d if you leve her personality your are fucked

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The redditors hated anonymous because he told them the truth about their favorite camwhore...

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t. disposable npc

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quads for nene

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where do you think you are, my friend?

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>I have a question to people who are less autistic
>9 posts in thread

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