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Devchama here, I'll give them a smackdown.
Good suggestion, I'll throw it into the pile. We'll get through it eventually! I promise!
Thanks for your input!

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I remember you, you're going through the games really fast, last time you had just beaten Yakuza 2.
I really need to pick them up again... i finished 0 and Kiwami but never started 2, gonna have to change that.

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Coco Kaichou thread.
Kiryu-Kai is forever!

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Remember when she sang it on her asacoco return?
Fuck that was kino, especially with the yab joke

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Yeah, i always felt she was one of the best in Hololive at using her vtuber persona to it's fullest, she understood from day 1 the opportunity she had to be someone she really isn't, a shy introvert, turned into a shitposting dragon with a "fuck you" attitude.
I wouldn't call it her "ideal" self, just someone she would have fun being, she always had a Coco inside of her, and the live2D allowed her to take it to the next level.
Her character eventually lost quirks and things she had to "force", as Coco slowly turned more and more "real".
Perhaps her slow but steady personality change also had something to do with her slowly losing enthusiasm.
She never stopped being a tryhard workaholic grinder though, that's something she could control, Kiryu Coco? not so much.

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Oh nice i can't wait for more EOPs to think Coco is some kind of outgoing stacy because they never watched a single one of her collabs in their entire life and this was their first introduction to her outside of some clips.
Fucking hell Calli, you would even make Aqua look outgoing with how little you could came up with for the stream.

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>Coco Gura collab
>It's not Terraria but meme review

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Those toes will adorn my trophy amulet

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Story where your family's business is behind on "perfection" payments and Coco takes (You) as collateral?

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I'm sorry anon, but it's too late for you.

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Eh, i'd rather have a suit first.

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