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I will make the best post in thread, thank me alter

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>forced Kanade to house her for free
Insta regret from that one after seeing how she lives, so maybe not this time

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To be fair fair you have the option to tell a guy to buy running shoes for her brother that was a runner and ended up in a wheelchair to make him feel batter about not being able run again

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Should my dick be allowed to collab with OP's mom?

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IRyStocrats, your oshi is actually fucking mentally retarded

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This person actually called for their mommy of stream and then had their mom come in a comfort them when playing a horror game

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>I have never seen the little girl before
This will be fucking funny

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Think of the chalder anon! Also thank god naked yoga and cock hypnosis is still up as a tag.

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>Kronii's funny because she unironically loses all her inhibitors when she's drunk. You only see the most downbad dyke energy from Kronii when she's smashed.
I wish Kronii did more drinking stream because man those are fucking great. She just completely let's go and just let's it all out. The D4 stream was so fucking amazing.

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How in the fuck does IRyS have problems with a puzzle when you can see she's reading chat in real time?

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You can keep pretending /pol/, but that's not something that has always been around. Make sure to spam your woajcks so I can report you.

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I'm glad she retarded since now it put all localization as a whole under a microscope and random normalfags are wondering what the fuck they were doing with some these changes and Japs seeing the changes and getting mad. She has not stopped digging the hole for weeks and weeks now too.
All this happened cause asmagold I think that's how spell his name randomly reacted to a video on bad localization and said it was dumb and the localizers attacked him

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I see this getting a ton of use

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She's so small next to even bowls, my sides. Cute little creature

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This Mumei stream is Legit fucking amazing

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>Spam Homo collab
Why do people pretend Mel collabing with Nijisan or guys as something new? Like this isn't anything new and I feel like this stuff only works cause no one watches Mel.

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We aren't talking about how your mom is leeched to my dick right now anon. Were watching Haachama.

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People just say that to play along with the meme. Like me ask for real here, would you really have sex with a cute girl(male) Suisei cosplayer? There is only one hole.

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I impressed you guys both managed to get some guy to post his penis and then convinced him to dress up like a girl. /hlgg/ is really great sometimes.

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How does it feel this elf get's to suck on huge L cup sized boobs when she's done?

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Showing your age there

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Loli is up there

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