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Can't wait till 2022 where we'll actually have 24/7/365 nonstop Nijisanji livestreams...

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It's weird just how different the hype are in this thread for NijiEN collabs outside of Nijisanji are for ones that are within Nijisanji. With in-company ones it's like, >we are all suddenly hyped with the guarantee that it'll be a really good if not kino collab, while outside company collabs are... well, usually met with much more pessimism if not basically ignored/sleep.
Bros... is this... the Nijisanjification I've been hearing about?

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Nijisanji is a wonderful place. Such a colorful and soulful brand of vtubers. We must spread it! The power of variety! Drown the board with images, show the true power of Nijisanji in this imageboard!

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That's... well, that's basically Nijisanji's goal anon. To have so much variety while still keeping the brand of being fun and comfy to watch in mind, is what Nijisanji is all about.

Numbers, views, likes, subs, all that is good and important but they're not always the main goal. Nijisanji strives to make a fun and enjoyable experience guaranteed for almost any of the livers you watch! Maybe you want to have some chill relaxed mood where you just hear someone talking about all sorts of interesting things in their life, then you got Pomu. Maybe you want to have a sweet but still fairly quirky discussions that can go from normal things like going to a park or watching a movie to suddenly talking about how they explored their exhibitionist side by going commando, then you have Finana!

Maybe you want high energy and fun streams where you just won't be able to stop smiling and laughing along as you watch the liver play through whatever game they're playing or talk about anything, then you have Selen! Maybe you want someone very laid back, chill, but also snarky enough to keep you on your toes, then you have Petra. etc. etc. Others could explain in more detail for the other girls and the ones I mentioned but you get the gist right anon?

Whatever flavor of content you might want to consume, as long as it's branded with Nijisanji, it's at least guaranteed to be something interesting enough to watch. It might not be for you, or it might be the best thing ever you have ever encountered and they're your soulmate... but one thing is certain.

Nijisanji is the best.

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There's just so much Nijisanji content basically all the time and with a ton of variety too so it never really gets stale if you explore a lot, I find it a lot of fun, finding new people to watch in certain times and VODs of stuff I hadn't seen before and even just trying to go through all the different covers, it's pretty liberating to not feel obligated to try to catch up and know avout everything in a vtuber group/company because... well, you really just can't. So being able to choose and maybe even just surf through random streams is a unique experience I've never had before, and the Niji brand at least ensures some form of quality, so I don't really ever feel too cautious about checking new stuff out from them...

... man I love Nijisanji.

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Welcome to Nijisanji hell.

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More Nijisanji JP Clip Compilations!! (EN Subbed)

Come, dive into the Nijisanji Universe! It'll be worth it, trust me.

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>Hololive logo
>a blue arrow that signifies a "play" button, simple and neat but distinct enough to be recognizable
>Nijisanji logo
>a fucking rainbow barfing pacman

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same, though captain did tweet that she might have a stream randomly happen over at twitch, but that just means it's probably apex so I'm gonna skip it as usual since I'm so tired. good night nijien bros, love you all and not only do I love Pomu, but I also love Captain and Nijisanji overall!!

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