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>VTweeter SJW trannies try to "cancel" Mari for gamer slipup
>No sane person who sees the situation believes the narratives being pushed by the unhinged mob
>Just ends up spreading her name to every corner of the vtubing world
>Viewership triples
>Gains 30% more followers on all platforms
You love to see it

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She's here!

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/nina/bro reporting in

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My wife kissed me goodnight, abayo queers.

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*blocks your path*

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Had four. In the first one I was hanging out and shooting the shit with pekora on a bench in some very green and very beautiful garden. Had a whale of a time.
In the second one, I was sneaking through some dark warehouse with gura. I remember having to climb up on a shelf and gura got up first and offered to pull me up. Her hand was small and very warm.
Third one is kinda blurry. All I remember was that I was dancing with kiara in some small ballroom. She had her arms around my neck and I had mine on her lower back as we were twirling around. She was very warm and smooth.
In the fourth one I was sitting at the dinner table with my extended family, but sitting to the right of me was nina (pic related). We were talking and having a great time and at one point we both started uncontrollably giggling at some stupid jokes that only made sense in a dream. I remember waking up and realising that those "jokes" were just some garbled nonsensical sentences which I promptly forgot.
Haven't had any others so far, but I've been neglecting my dream journal lately. Really atypical dreams for me since I almost never dream of anything pleasant.

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They don't have the swag for that

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Why is she so based guys?

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She IS very cool. Just a lovely person all around, gets along with everybody.

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>stream starts
>instant hype train

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>mfw i see some shillings I did at home

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She could commit any crime and get away with it, never saw someone as good as her

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I'm still younger than Nina!
A shame about the rrats... they will be missed

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>160 viewers
>on dark souls 2
>on weekday

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You guys really aren't very good at your lore/archive reps. As far as I am aware, there are no vtubers that directly associate with 4chan, ala constantly talking about being a user of the site. Now for people who are /here/ though, and either post or lurk? Literally almost everyone. /wvt/ is staked to the brim with indies who selfpost, ones that don't identify themselves, and most of the rest lurk it. Hell, a good dozen or more were born from the thread itself and got inspiration from Koopa Fortuna, the progenitor of all /here/chubbas. Half a dozen Holos or more have vaguely referenced being users, up to Risu just flat out admitting to a selfpost. Vshoujou has openly talked in their discords about how they selfpost in their threads on /pmg/. You are very ignorant if you think that r*ddit is the cultural epicenter of vtubing right now, because it is not. This board, and the offshoot threads on other boards, are the epicenter of western vtubing culture and discussion right now.

Also, a couple of lore corrections I saw while browsing:
- Athena Bambina was a hardcore /pol/fag before the nigga moment, and was already being groomed long before that by them. The CP was leaked by a /pol/fag, and after that groomer was ousted another one took his place. She is functionally mentally handicapped and has zero self awareness, which leads to constant, nonstop drama of her trying to force herself on vtubers, getting blocked when she askes them "are you based and redpilled 1488 brother", and then crying about it on her (now banned) twitter after not being able to realize what went wrong. Her family doesn't give a shit about her, she's been left to the wolves, and there is no saving her because the groomers tendrils are so deep in her broken brain that she will leak them any DMs that are sent to her trying to help. >>1267002
- As far as I know, nobody had issue with Amelia pre-debut. Obsessive Chileans dug up her past life back on /jp/ and got pissed off about some of the things they found because they were gosling faggots, and that was the only source of ill-feelings towards her as far as I am aware pre-/vt/ >>1327845

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Not all

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