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Then you woke up in the hospital room. As the doctor talked to you about your injuries, you noticed his look of shock as he read down the list of broken bones, crushed ribs, internal bleeding and damaged organs. But even as he asked you as to how you received your injuries, you shook your head and refused to answer. The Korone earlier today wasn’t the Korone you knew. You knew that she showed her love in a more physical way. Today was a different story. What happened earlier… no… she must’ve had a bad day. That was it. You tried to reason it in your brain.

As the possibilities raced through your mind you heard the door open. You looked over and saw her. Korone’s was looking down at the ground but you could still see the pained expression on her face. Leftover moist tear streaks ran down her cheeks. Her ears were shrunk and her usually wagging tail was tucked between her legs. The sight of her like that made all the pain you’d felt up to that point feel like nothing.

“K...Korone…” you weakly spoke out to her. As you said this her head stood up immediately and her eyes darted to you. You saw the immense guilt and pain in those beautiful brown eyes of hers. She slowly walked up to you and grasped your free hand in her own and held it up her face. She sat down in a nearby chair and you could feel fresh tears dribble down your arm.

“Dear… I’m.... No, I can’t even…”

She couldn't even speak properly as she began crying. The sobs filled the room as she took her other hand and pressed it against your face.

“What I did… you didn’t deserve that. It was my fault. I'm such an idiot for letting out my anger on you… you didn’t do anything wrong…. I’m so sorry….”

You asked if what had happened during her off-collab made her act the way she did and she gave a weak nod.
“Me and Okayu... had a fight. But that still doesn’t excuse it though… god, I can’t even take care of my boyfriend properly… I’m so pathetic…”

As she cried again you used what strength you had to wrap your arms around her and pulled her close. The dog-girl seemed surprised at first but reciprocated the hug. The two of you held each other for a long while as you told her that she did nothing wrong and that you still loved her. Even though you knew that her beating you would be inexcusable in most relationships, hell, maybe you just had Stockholm syndrome and you couldn't fight against it?

But it didn’t matter. Korone would always love you. And you would love her. Through all the pain she might give you, the love she would return would outweigh it all.

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