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>Sana was the first person to not reach it.

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Ayame got her paycheck, her adoring fans enjoyed hearing her voice, both Fubuki and Miko poked fun at her in chat and 5ch and 4ch are left seething and crying about the bank she made. I think she won.

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A large Japanese indie who hasn't moved to twitch yet

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>All these oni squeaks and giggles
I am in heaven.

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Ayame's anniversary is in 3 days...how happy will Nakirigumi be?

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In retrospective, Emmy was a saint comparatively speaking.
Better this than getting cucked after months.
Indies were a mistake.

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This is all your fault Emmy your sister had to get a bf because you keep bragging about yours.

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That's great to hear, I hope your OC turns out to be super supreme and you don't even have the stress of finals bearing you down.

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Mel was pretty cute, but the cuteness doesn't stop there. My oshi is going to be streaming MHRise in a couple of minutes, be ready for some prime giggles.

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I can understand an okay amount. Comes with doing reps since Ayame became my oshi since I wanted to find out about the dumb puns she spouts off while streaming but I'm not super fluent in it and reading it is a whole other story.

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She has IBS and has mentioned it before. It's why her stream schedule is so inconsistent cause she doesn't know when she has to shit herself.

She may even have to wear a diaper while streaming to avoid going to the bathroom every 15 minutes.

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Ayame's not dead Ayamebro she's just spending valentines day with her half dozen boyfriends, including me.

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Of course I did, watching Ayame play Apex and seeing her competitive spirit get flared up was an incredible experience, just like always. I hope she streams more of her Apex ranking climb, she's one of the reason I actually enjoy watching many Holos playing Apex now.

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How good is Ayame at Apex? Compared to the other holos.

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