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>june 2021
>"wow fucking kiara keeps leeching off pekora and wishes she was gura what a bitch"
>august 2021
>"wow irys sucks why can't she even pretend to be friends with the other girls"
>october 2021
>"council is a flop and bae keeps trying to leech off more popular girls!"
>january 2022
>"holox sucks koyori is a leech look at that hag go!"
>july 2022
>"id3 sucks look at kobo literally leeching off male fleshtubers what the actual fuck"
>august 2022
>"fucking holostars en can't even stand on their own look at vesper leeching off kronii"
>january 2023
>"fucking vanguard trying to leech off headquarters no wonder vesper prefers to stream with the girls"
This board never fucking changes kek.

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do not search

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