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Wtf.. the graphics bruh they look so real..

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>Millie actually knowing what she's talking about

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millie is finally gonna have sex! proud of her!

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I don't remember making this post.

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Wtf you're right.
Stop coming here aruvn the fuck.

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All I'm saying is, she probably wrote that entire thing and or what lead to it being actually produced but as per usual Millie, selling her talents short again, wanted to credit others more than herself.
You can have different task in a song like laying the background music and mixing but composing one is an entirely different beast.
And I don't really think the lyrics are generic it might sound like that because the song is a few seconds more than a minute, the theme might be, but heartbreak songs are music staple not just in any particular country.

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D..Did I wonder into the wrong timeline?
Aloucreeps offering kind words and being so wholesome.. wtf?

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One slut hive mind.
The nigger is repressed homosexual that's why he's depressed.

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i dont do drugs or drink or smoke
i dont know the genre sorry, i just listen to anything that sounds remotely different

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I swear it's privated earlier but thanks for telling me. I missed the start of this stream.

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If Enna did this to me I think I would cry

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I've been listening to Kanon since yesterday it's my ears are bleeding.

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I need a twelve hour all-nighter Millie drunk chatting stream.

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>Keep mentioning voices in her head
>I'm starting to think my oshi is actually unironically schizo too
The fuck my oshi stop containment breaking.

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Kewk my inner schizo literally tells me she reads /yeah/ general it's why I can't horny post as much there.

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getting hundreds of people to do the work for you is pretty big brained if you ask me

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no he's ike

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Thanks bros.

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Feels weird having your country being fetishized is this how Chinese sisters feel with Enna?

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That my oshi read the Famillie joke in /yeah/ thread that keeps getting regurgitated while she's on vacation and probably can't stop laughing at our dumb asses loosing our collective mind that it was rent free in her head she slipped and used the same word and had trouble recalling the right term. insane
Sometimes I hate being so fucking schizo.

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How did you manage to be hammered and wake up after a few hours Millie.

He(She) is Millie and I am his(her) husband.

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Millie you should sleep now. You're hammered as fuck earlier in Petra's stream and you have a stream later in the morning.

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