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Look all I’m saying is I’ve tunneled deep below all of your nations and with a gentle push I am capable of literally collapsing this entire planet underground. Your move.

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I won’t give you my strongest soundposts because my strongest soundposts are only for the strongest butas and you are of the weakest.

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I ate your mom last night, NERD!

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…I could become a weapons manufacturer.

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Place your bets, will he be gayer than the blue homo?

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Alone on a Friday night? God, you’re pathetic.

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HA! Look at this phoneposting dweeb!

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i fuckin knew roseschizo was a cute femanon

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Probably not from breeding, because then we’re getting into the implications that a plant can fuck an animal and create a child, but it’s entirely possible to… let’s say “tweak” the Blossoming process to your advantage. It’s a delicate plant after all, it could adjust itself with delicate commands.

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Nice inches nerd, I bet you live in America.

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Blow on deez nuts

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I already make as much as a janny posting normally though.

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All vchuubas matter, except the bacteria (most likely syphilis or gonorrhea) that is vShojo.

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Get with the times, old man.

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Fuck, that's good. I actually wheezed.

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Oh shit Yugikino with JP senpais, I hope we get Hayato again.

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Sucks that you never will, neeerd.

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Crossdressing as a girl is one of the most manly things you can do, because girls can't do it

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Man that's weird. Say Pentomo, do you want to morb with me?

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Eat it.

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And what are you gonna do about it, huh? You gonna suck me off? You gonna wrap those pretty lips of yours around my meat, big boy?

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