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Kiara - A human garbage who repeats the history of being a schizo bitch which later results in her being left out of everything, deserves a painful death for ruining Myth irreversibly
Mori - I don't think she deserves that amount of haters but the fact is that she's an annoying moron
Ame - A backstabbing two-faced bitch who thinks she's taken the moral high ground siding with human garbage like Kiara, deserves all the haters for what she did recently.
Ina - I don't agree with her nepo hires but she's not popular so whatever right
Mumei - Orcschizo who successfully infiltrated holoEN, says "my time will come" in her rentry (she wants to go the regular schizo way and murder Kiara?? idk but sure hope so), throws one of the most loyal holoEN artists under the bus.
Sana - A quitter who gives hololive her all only when she's about to leave

feel free to prove me wrong (spoiler: you can't, i've done this for almost a month now)


take the red pill

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fry's electronics...

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Autism is literally called Autism Spectrum Disorder
Stop being so neurotic

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>she might do a member karaoke
Someone told me this 3 days straight now...

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>gura could be streaming and in this collab

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>Just message you when I want to start Atlantis...Ok...I'm going to need to think about that
How will Gura worm her way out of building Atlantis this time now she's been cornered by the hagsmith?

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The newest Valrius Sinica video: https://youtu.be/UaatSnFea5E

So, do you ever feel bored with watching the VTubers?

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Gura is starting to do GFE for chumbies(men) because she needs it to stop herself from going to the wrong path

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why the fuck there are so many helicopters in that game
constant helicopter sound
it makes me feel anxious, I had trauma

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Where is my daily dose of lovebomb gura? Why are you so distant lately? It's all so tire some

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>Stars join
>Suddenly does Maid roleplay and makes lovey dovey GFE members posts
I don't understand Gura. Does she feel threatened? Why does she only do her job when new blood joins?

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Remember when the only shitposting on this thread was whether a holo was going to sing Homura or Gurenge during a karaoke ?

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All the magfags are going to drop him the moment he debuts, I honestly feel sorry for the guy

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Why are we still here, just to suffer?
where's the soundclip?

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now i fell bad for going schizo...

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i don't like being addressed as "master"

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>Ina mentioned the homos
only Gura and IRyS left then

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when is she going to give us the love bomb...

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>shirogane kishi falseflagging as chumbuds again

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Christ she's such a horrible singer. Mori and IRyS are unironically leagues ahead in singing skill.

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I miss her so much...

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