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What did my Mysta do to make you so mad, OP?
He graduated weeks ago.

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My oshi graduated.
It's temporary though - he'll be back soon. I'm spending my time studying Japanese and watching anime.
Is Gura your oshi or ex-oshi, OP? It doesn't sound like you're over her just yet. I'm sure you'll find your way back to her.

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Mysta has always been good to Mystakes, so let's do our best to be good to him from here on out!

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In the end it's Mysta that makes the model, and I'm sure his cuteness will shine through in whatever new form he takes as well.

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That's good to hear. Did he say when his next stream would be and what it would be?

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Bye bye Mysta! Today was a lot of fun hearing your thoughts about the convention. It really is a shame I never got to attend one myself, but I hope you hold all those memories close to your heart. Mystakes will always love you. I'm excited for more drawing tomorrow and all the potential collabs you'll have. Chu chu

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