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The prophecy... it has been fullfilled.

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>Haachama is a psyop
>Haachama fakes her eigo skills
>Haachama has fake teeth
Is mommy a rrat poster?

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rate the stream

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>it's still up

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A Koopa impreg story with two of her husbandos:

First book is Koopa x DMC 4 Vergil.
Koopa gets Vergil drunk and he rawdogs until she gets impregnated. Vergil wakes up the next day, confused and runs off.

Second book is Fortuna x Dimitri
Starts off with Koopa teasing young Dimitri. Koopa is still pregnant. Fast foward a couple years, many Troopas have been born. Koopa gets really drunk and stumbles into the front door of Dimitri's house. He reluctantly lets her in, being cold to her all the while. She falls asleep, and turns into Fortuna. Fortuna then seduces Dimitri into sex where he dominates and impregnates her. Koopa wakes up the next day, realises what happened and awkwardly apologises to him. Dimitri then promises to take responsiblity.

Third book is Koopa/Fortuna x Vergil and Dimitri
Dimitri and Koopa are looking after their children (Troopas and Proopas) when Vergil knocks on their door. He had realised that the Troopas are his kids to he has returned to take responsiblity. Dimitri doesn't like this and tries to chase Vergil away. Vergil ends up challenging Dimitri to a sex contest to see who can satisfy Koopa the most. During this contest Koopa passes out, due to how rough the sex was. Fortuna emerges. Both men then double team and impregnate her. Fortuna then passes out and Koopa comes back. After a final ahegao scene, the doujin ends with a pregnant Koopa married to both Vergil and Dimitri.

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That is a dangerous rrat

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