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Faumei cute

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I watch her streams but don't listen to her songs

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A few months in hololive will change her

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Whenever i see chibi AZKi, it always reminds me of Kukie-nyan's fanart of her.

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you're forgetting someone. Her birthday is July 1st...

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watching the VOD with some frens later, this market is MINE

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she explained it herself

It's "azuki" but
- without U
- the I is small

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One day her words had become too much, however, and you stormed out of the house with all your possessions. The shock of adrenaline had powered you through the moment and allowed you to leave that one time. You moved in with a friend and your life somehow began anew. But Azki’s presence was like a drug, and you had become addicted to it. The minutes felt like hours, the days seemed like years as you would watch the clock tick by. Your mental state degraded into even a worse state than before. It was hard to even get up in the morning, the mere thought of her not being near you drowning out any hope you had for a good day. It soon came to your realization:

You NEEDED her in your life.

No matter how much you wanted to deny it, you needed to be in her presence. You then worked up the courage to speak to her again. You walked up to that same door you stormed out of only a few weeks ago and weakly knocked on it. Then the door opened, and revealed the small idol who stood there, exactly as how you remembered her. But instead of being angry, she just stood there with a smile.

“Welcome home darling, I knew... you couldn’t live without me…”

Azki hugged you and you returned to living with her. But this was just the start of a never ending cycle. She would abuse you again, your mind becoming even more fragile as she berated you. It would get to a point where you would leave once again to go live somewhere else for a while. But you would always come back. And she would always accept you with open arms each time.

As if on queue, you heard the door open and it drew you out of your musings. There she was. Those bright violet orbs staring at you. That mixed hair of brown and pink. The tattoo markings on her cheeks. Those same lips curled up into her usual smile. She was still dressed up in her idol outfit, no doubt she just had another one of her rehearsals.

“Welcome home…”

Azki said this while she leaned forward and gave you a wide grin and her eyes narrowed. You could only wince as you mentally prepared yourself for the torture was about to come.


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Reminder that all holos LOVE their overseas fans and are extremely happy when they see a non japanese comment in the chat. Keep coping, wapanese FAGGOTS

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Now this is the kind of stream i like

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How do you feel about the current EOP pandering arc?

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do your part to save /hlgg/

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