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/pmg/ refugee anchor post

Theres been some friction between /vsj/ and /pmg/, and its gone on long enough. Theres a ton of overlap in the anons that use both threads, and a clear separation of what belongs in what thread, theres no reason both cant work together to make both threads better. First step is to work together on the next project we do, whether its a birthday card or a game, doesnt matter, but we will work together.

I know this post will get a lot of hate replies, but ill be here again tomorrow until we get the 2 boards on good terms

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Mel dropped quite a few bombs in a few seconds there.

>Stop complaining about the dry spells
That's a shot at the other thread mostly
>Called out the guy who tracked the VShojo girls period cycles as both disturbing but hilarious
>Tomorrow's stream changed from CB to art stream with Froot!

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Melody has publicly stated that she is "50% gay".

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