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>Causing harm
Everything discussed has been caused by her. No matter how you valoguards try to spin it, all of this was caused because of her stupidity and your inability to think of how this will affect her
That’s the thing, she is using her pl model for it. There’s no way she would have permission to release it

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>vox as a loli
that's a very strange concept

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You fucks keep talking more about Chris and Finana’s groomer than Finana herself. Has her content really gotten that bad where those are more important to discord?

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Why are Australians like this?

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kill yourself numberfag

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Tribalfagging for companies and chuubas is retarded

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Can we not start how fans will leave Finana for the new wave? She is trying her best, she is just autistic

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Can we not scare the Haaton away?

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Since when pomudachis were hackers?

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Can I even talk about my oshi without being hated?

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>phancucks shitting up the thread
Truly worst hours

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Why famelira can't handle that their oshi just reclined in the past 6 months after she became extremely lazy?

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I'm not watching thirteen minutes of tranny shit, does anyone want to spoonfeed me whats in it

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I feel the same. Twitter types have really fucked us over with their bullshit and changed the landscape for the worse.

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So, uh, is anyone gonna watch the Finana fanmade VN stream later today? I'm dreading the cringe.

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And then rosecucks wonder why the Lazulight General doesn't wants them in their thread.

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Huh... Isn't he kind of a big deal?

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Burger hours suck

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The fuck?

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Why are aloucreeps like this?

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Anon that's a phoneposter, not THE mintnigger.

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>banning anyone who says it's ok to use gyro.
Did he got destroyed by gyro users and was being salty?

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>subs continually go up
>viewership never increases
I don't understand this. No, not just for Gura, for EVERY Vtuber. It seems like your average viewercount is decided after the first month of streaming.

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