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I recommend Flare as the next target of our irrational ire. It didn't work on Kiara, IRyS, Calli, or Rushia, but I think if we reeeeeaaaaally buckle down and spam hate to Flare, we can get her to graduate.

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Flare is cute and I wish her the best in life.

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>Is this bitch had

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This means nothing because it doesnt count vod views.

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chuubas who are most likely to outburst and expose another chuuba for having a fake personality on stream
gif related

rule: no matsuri

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Why is Flare 400k behind the rest of her gen?

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Why didn't any of you assholes ask hololive's pariah to say "hi honey"?

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Just what the fuck is happening right now?

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But that doesn’t make any sense, are you a detective or what?

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Would you accept it if she has the same skin color of Flare?

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