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Aia's laptop fan reminds me of Petra's debut streams

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I wonder how loose pomu's asshole is

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What do these teams mean?

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>You guys just want to hear me saying bustin bustin

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two active threads?

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>just hair
Nta, is this real?

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for me, it's pomu > all
i want her to sit on my face

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Samefagging is not part of my arsenal. I prefer falseflagging.

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Also SJW's do ruin everything too. They ruined video games by shoving niggers and ugly ass looking females in games because they can't deal with anime girls mogging them and their beta orbiter soi males scrambling for their attention and approval mindlessly agree with them. Censoring things that don't need to be censored, promoting faggotry, you name it.

I don't know how people let these faggots muscle their way into every good hobby.

Every time I hear someone say 'touch grass' or 'incel' you just know it's some ugly ass neckbeard who is taking some soi course in university that has been so dominated by screeching women that he's forgotten how to be a man. That's why the world is getting more trannies, unironically. These faggot men are to weak and pathetic to have their own opinion because they're scared someone will tag them on twitter and disagree with them.

Fuck. Outta. Here. With. That. Shit.
I fucking hate SJW lefty tards so fucking much.
Say what you will about holofags and dragoons but they have the right idea about being overprotective of their oshis because if you don't you end up with unhinged chuubas like the vshojo whores who can't stop talking about how much dick they've sucked today. You end up with more nyanners situations where the male vtuber and the female vtuber hook up and get together which I know all of you beta cucks must like but I sure as fuck don't.

Call the cops, I don't give a fuck how I'm perceived by SJW niggers and why would I? You're the ones who keep virtue signaling on twitter about how loli is bad but then getting caught being an actual pedophile, not us. Had enough of these limp wristed faggots ruining everything I enjoy.
Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good.

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>I sent her a supa
you dumbass

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Pomu driving while barely being able to read the road signs...

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*kiss your cheek*

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This is the most I've heard Maria speak in sentences.

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My ass is being stuffed...

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Why drunk people never accept that they're drunk

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Minecraft should've another way to stop mobs from spawning besides torching. Having so many torches always makes things look ugly.

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>No blue

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I'm not an aloucreep but I got 1 month gifted recently. I can say that:
>Enna posts a lot in her membership, sometimes she even talks about her shits
>She has some fun streams in there
>The emotes fucking sucks
Not bad if you really like her.

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What the fuck I just checked VC and someone there was sharing gay porn

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Does she even know Finana exists?

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>Wave 6 bottom jokes
>NijiWings Ben10 and Garfield porn
Which is better anons?

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Having sex with your fellow anons

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catching up with mario kart... i love her, but sometimes i think pomu needs to chill. malding isn't really entertaining to watch okay, maybe it is sometimes... but other times it's just too much...

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