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You're the one who doesn't watch if you think she hates sexualization

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>you're in Sora's messy room, just chilling as a friend whilst she's practicing the piano writing a new song
>you're in her girly pink bed sitting upright with your back against a wall whilst on your phone, enjoying her singing and playing
>she suddenly stops
>you look up at her and wonder why it's gone quiet
>she quickly turns around and looks at you with a serious face
>the silence brings both of your attention to the muffled talking of her parents behind your head, literally on the other side of the thin wall
>she gazes up just above your head, slowly realizing her parents are RIGHT THERE, then slowly looks down back at you, squinting her eyes and with the smirk of an unfulfilled nympho
>she slowly gets up from her stool and without breaking eye contact, she gently opens a drawer next to her piano, reaches in and grabs a hair tie which she holds in her teeth, exposing a little fang you somehow have never noticed before
>Sora starts erotically walking towards you, expertly navigating each step over and around the torn and broken boxes of pure idol magazines, moldy food packaging and musky piles of unwashed underwear and idol outfits
>she drops the hair tie in her slender hand from her mouth and whilst raising her soft pale arms behind her head, exposing her prickly armpits, she starts tying her hair back into a long shiny ponytail, not once breaking her stare into your soul
>she stands right in front of you beside the bed looking down at you, blocking the bedroom light with her head making it difficult to read her expression
>Sora starts to bend her bruised knees and lands them on a small patch of exposed carpet
>she leans over towards you on the bed, grabs your ankles from your crossed legs and firmly pulls them towards her, straightening your legs either side of her small-framed upper body
>this makes a loud thump against the wall
>her parents suddenly stop talking
>you begin to panic, your heart starts racing and you beg Sora to stop whatever she thinks she's doing
>Sora starts giggling and playfully shushes you to be quiet...

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sora raping you in her small messy bedroom whilst you're both having to be quiet so her parents can't hear you

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Sora-chan/10. Fun fact: every single one of the people in that picture had sex with each other in the recording studio.

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Hey there. I'm done the good girl act: please come back to my messy room and fuck me like a dirty whore

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Daisenpai is going to flirt with the guys and there's literally nothing you can do to stop her. You'll never make them panic and stutter like she can.

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She does it herself.

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I bet she fucking stinks

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NTA but sora also showed up not only Axel's stream first, but also regis', as well as magni's. Axel also was featured in the Hololive Anniversary stream alongside Sora during the EN segment so this isn't some sort of gotcha. Many cases of the girls appearing in Tempus chat's first.
You gonna start calling Sora a whore now to win an argument? Gonna go numberfag to move the goal post?

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Sora is definitely going to feel tingly every time she thinks of those messages. I wonder if this will unlock the daisenpai whore arc? Sora ear licking ASMR streams with A-chan. One on each ear. Sora dry humping her plushies and pillows in 3D. Unwashed idol lingerie cam streams. There's no stopping it now. She's got 5 years of pent-up sexual energy.

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