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“Annnnnnnd…… KNOCKOUT!”

The dog girl then sent out her last attack. The haymaker swing that smashed into your face with an unimaginable amount of force and power. It was enough to send you flying out of the ring and crashing onto the concrete floor nearby. You felt that your nose was broken. Again. The third time this week. There was a faint trail of blood flowing down your nostrils and all over your face. Your head was wobbling back and forth and you moaned as you felt you were on the border of unconsciousness. But then you felt your head move and be placed on something warmer and softer than the concrete. Korone's face filled your vision as her ears drooped down while she tilted her head down towards you.

“I'm sorry dear… I just got a little carried away. You're doing good though! I’m almost using all my strength against you! I'm so proud of you…” spoke Korone as she patted your head, stroking her fingers through your hair. It was in these gentle moments that you remembered why you loved her in the first place. Even though the stinging pain of earlier was still present, it felt like nothing compared to the warmth and comfort that she was exhibiting right now.

“I love you, my dear…”

Those were the last words you heard her say as you drifted to sleep in her lap and your mind went into an unconscious state. Maybe one of these days you will learn to love her physical love. Maybe one of these days she will change.

But you would still always love her regardless, no matter the pain.

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