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>no one has suffered as much as they are right now

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Do you know how bad the relationship between Selen and Nijisisters became ?

There is 0 tweets, posts or threads made by sisters that said "Obsydia will always be 3". Not even Obsydia members themselves can say that without getting backlash from either the sisters or the company. Even after 3D debuts, there was 0 homage to the one that carried Obsydia gen for 2+ years, as if Obsydia has always had 2 members

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Where's my Nijicure?

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my gf just blocked me on facebook

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>Where's my 3D, Riku-sama...

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I feel sad about how nijien turned out

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>They did it again

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>piting talent against each other
>creating an environment for toxic cliques
>forcing talent to make statements on behalf of company
Truly, the Elan School of vtubing

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Reminder that SELEN IS SUICIDAL and they are releasing attack-videos on her because of the lashback.

Fucking assholes, I can't believe I supported this corp.

She was putting it all behind her, and you came out stabbing because your numbers dropped.

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>Selen quote unquote "violates contract" by doing something nobody gave a fuck about, including Nina in a scene or something.
>instantly fired, while still in the hospital btw

>Luca breaks contract for years to such a ridiculous degree that it's almost comical
>not even the first time, as he blatantly used copywrited music and a tumult of other violations
>everyone bends over backwards to make excuses

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>Completely ignores Sayu (understandable)
>Completely ignores Doki (still mad at her not being in the discord I guess)
>encourages everyone else to ostracize her too

This part is unforgivable and I don't care how big her tits are.

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Yeah, they seem to gloss over the fact that she literally tried to kill herself.

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>Selen's ships are gone
>Selen's image as a cool but awkward tomboy with a fat uncontrollable constantly erect drock is gone

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>Let's not harass or bully other people
>I know how that felt


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>you spend 200 thousand dollars last year

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Call me when NotSelen follows NotPomu

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Most likely culprits behind the bullying in order:

1. Millie
>history of gossipping and shit-talking co-workers (secret GC stream "haha i'm totally just parodying shitposters")
>history of shilling for niji management and defending their "honor", pretends to get upset on their behalf when they get called a black company
>clearly wants to be seen as a "good loyal worker" in managements eyes -> wants to sabotage rival co-workers by making them look like "trouble makers"
>tried to blame selen for the MV fiasco and immediately defended management (proving the aforementioned rrat)

2. Kotoka
>history of being a two-faced snake
>history of character assassination on Niji's behalf (Zaion fiasco)
>history of spiteful backstabbing (Mel fiasco)

3. Enna
>may actually be a legitimate sociopath/psychopath
>zero empathy piece of shit, history of shittalk on co-workers, history of gossipping
>maybe possibly shittalked selen overtly once
>on the other hand: never incriminated herself during the Zaion fall-out

4. Finana
>history of being a two-faced snake
>history of character assassination on Niji's behalf (Zaion fiasco)
>on the other hand: likely too much of a coward to bully overtly, if guilty then probably just a passive participant

5. Kyo
>history of being a two-faced snake
>history of attacking other chuubas over bullshit
>proven to be willing to engage in doxfaggotry and take beef outside of the Niji "realm"
>on the other hand: likely doesn't give a fuck about nijis reputation
>on the other hand: peaced out before she was terminated (which means the graduation request was likely in the works for a while)

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I'm really gonna miss the "PLEASE MARRY ME" Selenposter

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Literally ONE GUY, Shibuya Hal, decides whether Apex lives or dies in Japan and he just decided it's not worth it anymore, it's amazing how easily it all falls apart

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This bootlicker is going to come back from her stealth suspension acting like nothing happened. She's too cowardly and bootlicking to quit and Niji is too scared to terminate her in the current atmosphere.

She will just mumble something about "uhhh thx for your concern guys" and move on and we'll never get the full story behind her disappearance.

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>Decides to graduate out of frustration
>Literally every other person put in their resignation before her and she has to wait in line for 2+ years as they space out graduations and new debuts

Rrate my rrat

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