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>oshi in Mythic

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For real sister!
It's soooo sad. Where's the NDF when we need them?

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People aren't allowed to slander AnyColor /Nijisanji but AnyColor/ Nijisanji is allowed to slander the terminated livers like Zaion and Gundo?
Am I the only here who thinks that this announcement is not for dox trolls and haters but this is actually aimed to their ex-Livers after knowing and seeing how much brand damage they received from the yabs of reincarnated livers like Zaion, Mysta, Gundo and Nina (also those ID who will graduate later)?
Like how Nina and Mysta in their new life usually takes indirect stabs to Nijisanji Management or Zaion and Gundo directly spitting at them. And this also applies to Khyo, DN, FalseEyeD, that Green Parrot fck and other "drama" vtuber news channels in YT.
Tldr: This may be a move by Anycolor to silence drama channels and ex livers with a threat of legal action.
I would be interested to see if they would sue S*yu later on if she reveals their black color again on her future streams.
But knowing that Anycolor/Nijisanji lost a case against a "slanderous" person in Japan, I would not be confident to say that they could win against S*yu in her country, especially when there's a possibility that she will counter sue them for the slander they did to her(with their list of infractions after they terminated her).
And I'm also not confident to assume that Riku's lawyers could defend their livers very well like Hololive(who won all cases) with such Nijisanji past court losses.
>Grim Year for Anycolor/Nijisanji

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well well well, Zen raided Silver
so uhhh, Silver is a + now he he he he

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is this the derich of chubas?

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>I really don’t understand the neuro sama obsession.
she was depressed, needed something to cling onto and decided that thing is being neuros mom.
either that or she has the hots for vedal

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anny cucking her chatters again

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wouldn't be realistic with the bulge otherwise

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>Dm actually worried about audio
>Giri already moves to coombaiting with tee hee I touched Saru's ass

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>froot has the talent to be a bigger streamer

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>burgers don't have a month of paid vacation guaranteed by law

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there's a reason why artfags never want to sign any contract that would legaly bind them to deliver on time
it's always on "yeah just trust me bro i will deliver in X months"

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>Gets bullied into quitting
>When she said she was graduating anyway
>When she has a new position lined up two months later

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reminder each time retards from here make some epic statements about literally anything it always turns out to be wrong
this includes Silver's viewership
not silverfag or mousefag but i've seen you fags make so many stupid claims that got BTFO i just can't take seriously any retard making some novel tier posts about how Silver will now be 2k streamer

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>Grimmi talking about Jeb! again and how he was a punching bag for Trump during the debates

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Her roommates could hear the cringe screams through the wall

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>he can't make his oshi laugh like that with a single non-membership chat comment
This entire board is filled with failures.

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>Tobs is struggling with a 300 piece puzzle
Your oshi is embarrassing you

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imagnine how horrible he will feel when he will see he missed the stream

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