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"God, I've been wanting you to do this for years!" Korone moans out, twitching in pleasure. Okayu lets out another muffled groan. Just as soon as it begins, however, Korone pulls away. Okayu absentmindedly licks at her lips, cleaning herself the best she can of Korone's arousal...and a bit of your cum. Your dick twitches in approval.

"See?" The dog says, starting to move her way back over to you. "How good it feels when you stop acting like you aren't interested...? When you just let loose and do what you both want to do?" She begins to straddle you once again. You throb in anticipation. You can't find it in you to complain. You know that both you and Okayu had less than wholesome fantasies about Korone. Maybe the dog has a point? As she begins to hold you once more, that licentious grin returns.

"Don't worry. We've got a long night ahead of us! Korone will keep you both company...okay? Now let's work out more of that pent up stress..."

Your girlfriend continues to cum opposite of you as Korone takes position over you once more. She glares down at you, running her tongue over her lips. You're ashamed at how hard you are so quickly after you came...but it feels so good to finally get some sort of relief that shame is inconsequential. Placing a hand on your head, Korone pets you softly.

"Good boy. Do good for your girlfriends, okay?"

I really didn't want to try and write out several hours of mind numbing sex. Please understand.

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