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Please kick me while I'm down! Berate me and spit on me while I squeal like a pig! I'm nothing more than useless insect!! I have no purpose in life other than to serve you! My body and mind belong to Rosemi-sama! My worthless flesh is not FIT to be in the same presence as my queen! PLEASE I beg you, I'm on my knees, please put your bright red shoe on my unworthy head and kick my face into the dirt! It would be an honor to lick the same soil you sprouted from, I would eat nothing but dirt if you so wish! Let me gaze upon those delicate shoes before you, wishing I could kiss them! Call me trash and wrap thorns around my neck like a leash!
Force me to walk on all fours outside like the dog I am while I pant for Rosemi-sama like the thirsty animal you see me as!
Rosemi-sama I am yours! Mind body and soul! I can't resist your devilish charm!

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