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Kana is okay if you like loli, a bit big tho.

Alice Gawa is Japanese and speaks English fairly well, really good but doesn't understand western culture well.

Lilybelle (recommended earlier in the thread) is really good, and streams on both youtube and twitch.

Beatani is really good for shit posting, and has a pretty solid following.

Kimicchi is a up and coming, no solid idea on her.

Same for Pwuppy GF.

Everyone already knows Juniper.

Personally I recommend Alice Gawa and Lilybelle but like was mentioned before Lily has a really gay mod but she's pretty laid back.

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Also if we're talking small indie tubers. Gotta shout out the shitty English that keeps me coming back Alice Gawa. Genuinely trying her best for a small jap. I watched Lilybelle a bit but her mods are gay as fuck.

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