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Anki and flashcards in general are a meme. Not everyone can effectively learn from them, yet they're pushed as the ultimate learning tool by a vocal minority of autists. Everyone learns stuff differently, you just need to find a method that works the best for you.

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Anon /hlgg/ gave up on gatekeeping long long ago, Mumei/Fauna is proof of that

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Reminder that this place doesn't count being a part of a collab as streaming even though it's literally streaming.

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>banned for two fucking months
I'm still mad.

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Oh dear. Oh my. Could it be? Could it be that I quite possibly...called it?

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Yes it does.

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No because Sana, Mori, Kiara, Kronii and arguably Fauna have bigger breasts.

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You ok dude?

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>Cringe is my brand
No Mori, you just suck. And as you just said, being self-aware doesn't make it better.

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Holy shit, you're so full of yourself. Get a grip cuckbeat, your oshi is trash on every level.

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holy mother of cringe

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But I already am. Pic related, my wife.

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Actually did have a stream on Valentine's Day. Played Valorant with La+ and briefly Nenechi.
Going through a tough time, more than likely will take a short break from streaming to clear her head
Literally got covid and still put out a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFvK_FvT3Hc
I got nothing.
Taking a shower because she got her fur matted after having sex with Moona.
The accident was 7 months ago, you must let go.

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How can deadbeats show their faces after their oshi literally called them cucks and a nuisance?

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was boxxy always this weird looking?

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>Holostars: Journey to find Stars
>Hololive: Journey like a Thousand Years

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You didn't even wait a full minute after that post jesus christ. Imagine having someone as inoffensive as Ayame living that rent free in your head.

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/hlgg/ I already told you that you can't fix every problem in the world with rape correction. That's not how things get done around here.

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Gura antiposting hasn't even surpassed Ayame antiposting, get the fuck back in line you little baby.

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Ayame doesn't have representation from her fanbases here, it's literally just people calling her a whore.

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I watch every Hololive stream I'm able to, can you say the same? Can you say that you watch Iofi along with Kanata? Hmm? No you can't. Why DON'T you watch Moona? Why DON'T you watch Anya? Why DON'T you watch Aki? Why DON'T you just shut the bloody hell up m8.

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>off model
Mio's are quite nice. But they're not dobonhonkeros.

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That's how Ayame threads always go. It always starts with people going what a whore and then if it doesn't die within 80 posts it devolves into retard arguments and then trying to attack Nakirigumi, most of which don't really give a shit either way because they either watch other Holos, watch their oshis vods, or just do something else.

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>people armchairing shit again
>nobody suggesting the obvious
>we need a 100x roll
honk, do the needful
Nah, we didn't make it out of Group.

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