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this really takes me back

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God, I am so tired of seeing that Argentinian poorfag littering everything Niji-related with his repetitive,attnetion-whoring, boot-licking, typo-filled essays.

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This one too, I remember listening to this one like a podcast while att work and I loved it

Dommy nee-san and sweet nee-san... uoh

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the best way to look at it isn’t “i have to fix this” but instead “i have to manage this.” you are most likely never going to get rid of anxiety because it’s something everyone has, you just happen to be more prone to it. therapy and mindfulness shit helped me a ton, and it’s important to recognize where your anxiety levels are at any given time so you know when you’re overwhelmed and need to do something to calm yourself down.
but like i also said, acceptance is a huge part of learning to manage anxiety as well since otherwise you’ll feel like you’re never doing well enough

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New wave design looks so souless

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Sometimes the mods are here, might as well

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I honestly deleted this dumb gem crafting mechanic on Xenoblade from my memory.

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I love Elira but my biggest Elira pet peeve is when she's playing a game and goes 'I wonder what the RTA is like?'

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Just a reminder to thread shitters
Do contribute

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Reminder that Elira is doing karaoke in 56 minutes!

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Reminder to do your reps

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The faggot is back! Lets give him another vacation.

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Where is this doujin
I need it

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The vast majority of streamers genuinely do enjoy it and many genuinely like interacting with their chats.
It's only when you get up into the higher levels where their chat is an irrecoverable cesspit and they're just monetizing everything for the hell of it that you get people who dislike it.

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I'm bored

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Elira is sexually attracted to buttons

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Can autists genuinely not differentiate between depression and being tired, or is it just dumb memeing?

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>cries when she can't stream due to technical issues
>admits chat gives her the praise her family rarely gave her

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Fuck you Sans you piece of shit! Elira did it!

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A TON of fanfics written by teenage fujos take place in the "Omegaverse" where humans are strictly divided into Alpha/Beta/Omega mating wise and they go into heat and basically it's a frame to write about boys fucking that involved being driven by instincts and pheromones and stuff. The most basic prompt would be like boy A is an omega and goes into heat when he doesn't have medication to suppress it, boy B stumbles across desperate boy A who begs to be fucked.

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