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Actual answer: Fuck Rushia, Marry Rushia, Kill everyone else
Alternate answer: Fuck Laplus, Marry Nene, Killed by Rushia
I'd prefer the former but either way I'm happy

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girls or guys, /meat/ accepts everyone, as long as you're hungry

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>Chuuba kisses the chat and does gfe
>Feel somewhat disgusted and cringe
How do i stop this? I want to unironically enjoy gfe but for some reason i can't feel the necessary parasociality.
Am i just emotionally dead?

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Stop. Rushia is for cuteposting, not for hornyposting. I will not stand for this.

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This is the wrong answer. Marry and fuck Rushia. Rushia kills me

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From a yandere point of view is to what level would you let her cripple you, and then be forced to rely on her as your only support.

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Your blood freezes in your veins, your sluggish mind suddenly roused into panic as your memories begin to return. You feel your heartbeat grow in intensity as a figure slowly enters your field of view. Your worst fears are confirmed as the lights above illuminate the figure of a young girl with green hair and red eyes. You try to rise to your feet but with the numbness of your body obstructing proper coordinated movement you only manage to get on one knee before you slip and flop on the ground once more.
"Now now there's no need for that. Here. Let me help you"
Though the girl is downright tiny next to you, her strength is unreal as she heaves you back onto the table.
"You remember me, don't you? I know you'd never forget Rushia!"
You simply stare at her weakly, a grimace of despair reflecting in her eyes.
"It must be painful. It must be hard... but this is the only way! I'm only doing this for your sake!"
A lie. One you stopped believing in who knows how long ago.
"Ever since that accident, I've tried so many things to bring you back but none of them have truly succeeded. The soul and body are bound and your damaged soul cannot keep your body functioning properly, it keeps drifting to the other side"
How many times has this happened already? How many times have you gone through the same painful awakening followed by an inevitable slide back into the other side? You'd think you'd get used to it after a while, but the torment of being drawn back to the world of the living by force only seems to get worse and worse.
"But you know... I finally did it. I found a way."
Your mind stops for a moment. What did she just say?
"I realized that instead of trying to continue to bind your broken soul to a broken body... why not just bind it to a fresh one?"
You barely manage to process her words before an awful realization makes itself known. You raise a hand over your face and looking back at you is not your hand, but a patchwork thing. Patches of skin connected with sutures, clearly from different sources. You run your hands over the rest of your body and find such sutures everywhere until you reach your neck.
Thick metal staples arranged in a circle where your neck connects to your torso.

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S-second favorite?!

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