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"Make sure he's not harmed on the way back," She says, looking over to the man in the corner. "Or you'll end up as Ollie's new chew toy. Got it~?"
"Y-Yes, ma'am! Understood!"

Your captors proceed to press you back down on to the mattress as the man holding the corpse up drops it to the ground, hastily leaving the room while covering his mouth. Though you struggle and thrash as hard as you can, nervous system wracked with physical, emotional, and mental pain, you're quickly subdued. Tight bindings find their way to your wrists and ankles as you're swiftly gagged. Coordinating, the pair dealing with you lift up unceremoniously, slinging you on their shoulders. You fall limp as you're carried from the room, out into the apartment hallway, and eventually the street. The sky is dark.

"Join the Black Division they said, it'll be fun they said..." One of the men gripes, clicking his tongue. "Stupid son of a bitch should've known better than to fuck with Jester's orders. No damage means no damage. Especially over something like this."
"Yeah, but...on-site graduation is a little harsh..."
"Peacock would've done worse, man. Count yourself lucky."
"...Was that comment about being Shambler's chew toy real, then?"
"You've seen her. She's a fucking zombie. What do you think they eat?"

Stopping before a black van, the back doors are opened. The pair carrying you out lift you up and into it before hopping back out. The smaller of the two gives you an almost apologetic look.

"Welcome to the rest of your life, you poor, stupid bastard."

As the doors slam shut, you hear two knocks on the other side. The engine of the van roars to life as you lay there in darkness, carted off to God knows where.


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