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Pretty much. It runs like ass unless you're playing the PS5 version that also locked at 30FPS. I will wait for a patch, but I hear people saying the double DRM is causing the performance issues, so it might not be fixable.

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He use to be one of the worst party members in the original and now he's one of the best with Aigis. I think her brain is poisoned to think he's bad.

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I'm going to slop in your asshole

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Holy shit, literally feels like someone activated a bot or something

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Sometimes I wonder how confused managers are when all of these girls are together and they're just incredibly autistic the whole time

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Bro anyone who knows what maggotbaits is would be a super degen my friend.

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Dyke up to the max like some of her newer fanart and you know I'm right. Wada babies Kronii like her own daughter so she can get whatever she wants. I want to point out I don't mean any of this negatively

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It really is once you get out of gold it feels much better. When you're in Masters and Challenger no one tilts or gets mad, but it sucks dick since people know each other and ban your mains instead of like a normal ban a lot Also running into pros make your feel somewhat nervous, but once you play a bunch it's the same shit,

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I'm a a bunch of larger art communities mostly because I'm friends with some bigger professional artists who a lot of them work with larger companies doing art for them. Let me tell you before the stuff about the artists coming out not getting paid and contracts mess up by Niji I seen it posted in those discords before it even got posted here by professional artists.

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Had to find it, but I will always think of this when the ghost girl shows up.

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the best kronii sex content is the superhot vr stream btw

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I feel bad the pebbles have to deal with some guy who seems underage who just posts random shit without even open streams 24/7. He brings up random made up doxx shit too, I wonder why these types pick a single person top latch on to.

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I would really love to get a real read of the Nijiisan contract for talents cause that thing has got to be scummy as fuck stuff hidden in there seeing how people seem to have to pay out so much stuff or have zero money when they leave or right before they're kicked out. I wonder if they have hidden termination fees and that's why they hope to bully people into quitting. No I'm like 90% sure they totally have hidden termination fees goin going off the people who leave.

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You can tuck and hide your dick like that, I would know it works well if you have the right stuff.

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What the fuck is your oshi talking about? What is wrong with her?

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That really small shaved ne someone posted here one time would count

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Girls wouldn't get it.

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This song is actually great, what the fuck.

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Never seen this one before, huh

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You should be fine anon, just do things if you like them. Juts look at the thread tell the one anon it's fine to crossplay

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>This date
Now I think you're lying for everything

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This shitposting has forced my hand into posting this

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Why is hololive that has such autism rules for all of the shit they do?

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