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B-b-but muh cuckposting..

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School is easy mode. I spent years improving myself and trying to fix my autismo just to realize how hard it is to meet people of my age once you're out of high school and college and all your friends are dudes.

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It's not that fucking hard. I just wanna watch cute girls doing cute things.
The everyday life is just bombarded with couples and LOVE used to advertise everything from chocolate to toilet paper.
I just want to open a Hololive stream and watch a cute girl having fun, no flirting shit and no random male trying to impress her.
Why the fuck is this supposed to be unreasonable? Why are drones so defensive and ready to yell "PARASOCIAL" at this simple request?

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The recent Kaela arc and the collab spam is pure fucking kino. Her genuine autism and wholesome personality are just amazing when paired with other Holos. I still think that Sana had the best chemistry with her...

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Please, tell me about Sana's last stream
Not even striving for a happy life anymore, just hope it's going to be a fun tragicomedy on how not to do things

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I've been crying continuously for the past two hours...
t.WAY too sensitive chumbie

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My diaphragm fucking aches now...

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Thats pretty gay anon

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My youtube recommendations are getting flooded with clips of Bae talking about the males. This is how this shit started with Ironmouse before vshojo existed. I'm not watching this fucking website shill these clipper shipping faggots, I can't fucking do it anymore

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>in an alternate timeline, Miko never said the N word, Coco never started pandering to EOPs, and hence the opening of HoloEN would have been delayed by at least a year, leading to completely different people to apply and ultimately become Myth

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Dumb cat i was gonna eat that!

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Next thread will be better

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>Hololive didn't die with a bang but with a gay korean whimper

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>You are wrong if you think hobbies aren't in a constant state of decay. One day, when you get older, maybe you will get in on the ground floor of a hobby and watch as it twists into something ugly. Then you will understand.

I realize that i was wrong but very late anon, i remember when on /jp/ they say that HololiveEN was going to be the end of vtuber as we know, and i laugh because i because I didn't think it would be true....... and just look HoliveEN is not bad but the fucking shit that they atractted like NijEN,Vshojo and Vtweeters or the tourist in this thread who use Pol/twitter lingo.

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you best start believing in homo stories anon, you're in one

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I can't help but think this whole "issue" is born out of some insanely childish seethe. Even if you list all the potential reasons why it might be a "good business decision" to ban these collabs or whatever... They're clearly aware that the idols on both sides would like it to happen, in this case extremely so because they're basically off-stream friends. So they're choosing to punish them with that cockblock. For what exactly? Not to mention everyone knows about it by now because it sticks out like a sore thumb when both sides can collab with any other corp just fine (and even their JP sides are doing it).

It just seems so laughably petty and childish to fucking "blacklist" a huge company over basically nothing. At this point I really do think it's some CEO dick measuring type of deal and all the rrats about them "sabotaging" each other might as well be unironically true.

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I genuinely believe that Kiara is a great entertainer and extremely cute but I can't physicallysit through 6 hours of constant rambling and tangents, it's pure fucking torture. I really hope she does more short streams and especially short collabs, those are her absolute best content.

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don't do this to me man, I still have announcement ptsd...

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1 year, 9 months, 22 days
can any day 1 teamates confirm or deny that this is accurate as of right now? i'm so fucking pissed off at myself i'm sorry ame

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>Every single Sana collab has been kino and I found myself smiling the whole time
not like this

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After this kino it's hitting really hard that sana is going to graduate. It hasn't even been a year, I'm not ready to give her up

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