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Fast board

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It’s a toss-up between Butterfly and Romance no Kamisama for me. Like you said, they’re all pretty good. Sora’s singing talent is the reason why I pick her as my oshi.

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If she pumps and dumps him, as in, she leads him on, gains subs from their 'relationship' and ghosts him afterwards i'm gonna kneel so hard, she's gonna get some fat SCs from me.

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I’m a sucker for girls with beautiful voice. Sora has always been my number 2 and I enjoy her utawaku streams the most out of any holo. Haato has been gone for so long and I hate interacting with underage coomers that she attracted. I haven’t change my oshi but I have been thinking about it.

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>best singer in hololive
Sora exists

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>it's another episode where Sora is cute

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