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The voice...?

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why dont they just play some casino game

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I fucking hate Pekora, I have over 100 ogeys saved

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>amigos de chocolate
>chocolate friends
>chococorate friend
i can feel it
schizo senses tingling

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OMG Are those crabs okay?

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so sad
think about all the money hololive's shareholders could be making...

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>I'm ashamed to be Japanese

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because i dont want my boys get a lot of schizos after them.
and honestly i don't like most EN girls who usually collab with boys such as mori, ame & bae. they're often cringe & will just drag the boys down.

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I didn't hang out in these threads yet and knew nothing about ccvid affecting everyone back then so last December was a bit painful for me. I thought HoloX's debut and Chloe in particular had stolen all her thunder

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You ever notice how the people who call each other ESLs and SEAs on this board are also SEA? I think it's the same principle. I pity people who hate their lives that much that that's the worst insult they can think of

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??? no he's not

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The people actually mad about this are joking right? Are they unashamedly this petty?

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I would not be surprised if Remi gets doxed and there's literal green stink lines coming off of her at all times. Every thread I get more perturbed

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>schizoposting stops after getting BTFO by a yo mama joke
It's that easy?

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next thread will be better

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>Females are among us

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I still remember being like 8 in the mid 90's using the internet at the public library and somehow opening a porn site while looking for cheats for SimAnt.

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Man, I wish somoeone from EN played Fallout.

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next thread will be better

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next thread will be better

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hey let's post random pictures of other chuubas so people think it's an anti coming from another community baiting and not an actual yab
deflecting so hard right now

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I just want him to go shit on someone else's carpet.

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What the fuck is this autism? This just gives me flashbacks when I used to like Love Live until ship autism got to me and enjoyed it less and less until I gave up.

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