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The only thing you need to cream is your pants as you tie a noose around your neck, anticipating the soon to come death as you jump off the stool

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You seriously need to seek help. I suggest a long rope and a solid tree branch personally. After all, your fairytale made up hell you've fabricated in your mind for why you cant get your dick wet has clearly burned away any ties to reality or common sense. Your too far gone

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>stop doing her gf shit
No, kill yourself

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Are mods really not going to do anything about this fucking thread?
Unironic pedo apologists and "consent laws are arbitrary" faggots talking about a minor

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>If it was all about the pre-determined scripted act, we'd just watch anime.
Oh no! That would be so bad! Vtubers have never made videos before! They've always been streamers just like my Twitch thots suddenly turned vtuber when it started trending!

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Yes anon, Holomen will join the EN MC server that has a DIRECT LINE to the JP MC server

Especially when literal damn near Holostaff HUKE couldn't even play for more than 24 hours.

Very smart.
You are very intelligent.

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They confirmed the HoloStarsEN group weren't under the HoloStars brand. They are considered HololiveEN proper. We're not getting a new all female group for another year. Best to end it now anons...

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The entire point is not everyone HAS to call in, especially when they've never interracted.
Kiara understands this
Kaela understands this
Anya understands this but wanted to meet Kiara for the first time

Why don't you understand anon?

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You must be really bored "watching" you "oshi."

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Cuckbeats deserve the rope

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>wants to talk about my oshi with other fellow anons
>is annoyed when the obese wigger shits up the entire board and makes that impossible
>is understandably annoyed
>"G-go to reddit f-f-faggot! You can only p-post crusty decrepted rrats and c-c-c-cuck post here!"
End it anon. Do your parents the favor.

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No matter how badly you schizo post you'll always be a failure in life. Your mom wishes she'd gotten an abortion the once in every few years your parents even recall you exist. So do us all a favor anon its for the best

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>There's only a couple of actual gays in Hololive
>None are in EN
>Sana literally unironically said shes Gay on her twitter like 15 fucking times after coming back from her vacation with Ina
>Kiara is bi but super dyke leaning
>Kronii has been a confirmed dyke since her debut
anti /u/fags somehow manage to be just as annoying as the actual /u/fags man I swear to god

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cuckbeats are truly the most delusional faggots on this board my god. Please move over to Vwhores were you belong scum. Its clearly where your trash oshi wants to be.

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>Hololive almost always feels the same. Bland
>Marine an ex-mangaka assistant who went to a catholic school, is openly bi, and loves being lewd
>Noel who is a lewd dork who does ASMR specifically
>Fauna is a cute dork who isn't very lewd but does ASMR specifically but has a penchant for torture games like Jump King
>Ame is a gremlin gamer who rages
>Mumei is a fucking weird girl who is probably actually on the spectrum
>Gura is arguably the queen of old internet shitposting next to pink cat
>Akirose is a bellydancer
>Choco and Mel are turbo lewd and have made out IRL on stream
>Korone is a near 40 something year old hag who plays ancient NES games for 20 hour marathon streams
>Moona is a literal ex-idol who could be a professional singer but instead chooses to shave her pussy on stream and talk abut food 24/7
>Risu knows every stupid meme in existence and will quote them
>Kobo is a literal child
>Haachama is filthy frank vtuber edition
>Lamy is an alcoholic
>Ina and Sana are straight-up industry-grade veteran professional artists
Like I can keep listing all the very different personalities, unique traits, and niches that every single holo member fills if you'd like nijiscum

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