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"Honestly, making me burn the midnight oil like this..." She begins, turning to lock eyes with you while toying with the blade idly. The man holding your girlfriend back looks away. "You should be ashamed. It really hurt, getting that donation, y'know! Do you think it's okay to tease me like that? I work hard for you!"
"I-I'm sorry," you blurt out. Is this really because of that!? It was just a joke! You're still afraid to move. "Please. Don't hurt her. I'll give you anything you want, I'll-"
"Oi. Seriously, you're terrible at this. You aren't supposed to try and bargain for her that quickly. That just pisses me off."

Polka swings the knife behind her without even looking, scoring a deep cut across your girlfriend's face. She lets out an agonized cry as she seizes up, the man behind her holding her straight up as he winces. You think she got her eye with that one...

"Stop! Please, I'm sorry! What do you want from me?!" You yell out, starting to move up while you scramble, trying to crawl out from under the man's corpse. One of the guards at the door moves in quickly, pressing the barrel of his gun to the back of your head as you freeze once more, starting to tear up. "Please, Polka!"

"Well, what I want is simple! I want you to only have me in your life, silly!" She teases in a sing-song voice, still holding the blade menacingly. "But you just HAD to go and prod at me about having a girlfriend...I even gave you far warning! Buuuut~! You didn't listen! So now Polka's here to fix your problems!" She gives you another cheery smile, locking eyes with you. Her eye twitches, and in a flash of movement, she embeds the knife within your girlfriend's throat. There's a sickeningly moist noise as she tries to scream out. "And this bitch is a big fucking problem for you and me both."

"NO! STOP!" You scream out once more, ignoring the pistol pressed to the back of your head this time as adrenaline surges through you. You pull yourself from beneath the corpse as the guard mutters a swear, grasping you by your shoulders and pulling you back. You manage to land a kick to his jaw before the second guard joins the fight, grasping you as you attempt to close the distance between you and the trio. With the knife in her throat, all your girlfriend can do is gurgle and fight against the man holding her back with pitiful ineffectiveness. Said individual closes his eyes, looking as though he's about to vomit all over the ground. She looks to you in desperation as blood leaks from her throat, tears pouring from her eyes. Polka twists the knife for effect, exacerbating the already fatal wound. Her face changes to anger as she watches your struggle.

"Really, see?! How could I NOT come down if you're willing to do stuff like this! You're the worst! Why would you cheat on me like this?! With this skinny bitch of all people, then tell me about it!? Are you dense?!"

Ripping the knife free of the poor girl's throat, she hastily lodges it within your partner's rapidly rising-and-falling chest instead, leaving it there. She stares over to you as her convulsions begin to slow to a crawl, bleeding out...before she goes limp. The guards restrain you fully as you scream out in anguish. Seemingly content, Polka wipes her hands off on her dress, her cheery demeanor returning as your knees buckle.

"Ahhh...that feels good~! Nothing quite beats that feeling of satisfaction, y'know? Seriously! I guess she just didn't have the HEART for my act! Huh? Get it?" She asks to no one in particular. The room is dead silent besides your pained sobs. Many avoid eye contact. She shrugs. "Tough crowd, huh? Jeez, guys...never mind. Prepare him for transport."
"T-Transport?! What-"
"Yes, ma'am. We'll take care of it from here."

With a nod, Polka lets out happy sigh, lazily heading for the exit...before quickly skipping over to you, moving in haste without warning. You cringe in fear as her smiling face zeroes in close to yours. You looked forward to this smile, once.

"Don't worry. I'll take good care of you! Then you'll understand," She whispers, bringing a hand up to stroke your cheek. You can smell the blood on her. "You'll understand why I did what I did. And when you do, we can be together. Without distractions. Without anyone else. Sometimes, you need to close a door to open a window. Be a good boyfriend and wait for me."

Leaning in, Polka roughly presses her lips against yours, causing you to scream out in her mouth. When she pulls away, she runs her tongue over her lips, giving you an amorous look. Your stomach drops.

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