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I'm about to ruin all of your lives with this cope

A solid generation that loves VTubing, gaming and performing. They also at least make an effort to do reps so they can actually communicate with the JP talents that make up the majority of the company they work for. *AHEM*. Bonus points for fanning over their oshi (female)

The recruiters have learned from past mistakes and now know how to look for the tact, personality and work ethic that's actually congruent with the Hololive brand, resulting in EN3 being as strong as if not stronger than gen-3

The recruiters decide they want something like NijiEN and destroy the branch beyond salvation

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Are crossick still together?

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refreshing soda

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Things seemed to have calmed down a lot. How have you all been? Been eating and drinking properly? Get some exercise at all? Come chat with mama.

If things are still chaotic, I'll just go back into hiding again. But I'm here if you need me.

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i was 100% serious. vtubers are nothing more than fleshtreamers to me, except 2d. yes, hololive is doing lots of things as additional projects, just like nijisanji or relevant mid/lesser corpos, but in the end they're just paid streamers. no difference from xqc or moist critikal. and i don't care if they have tits.

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Sora chan is, in my (Disgustingly Humble) opinion, the embodiment of the archetypical idea of a "Vtuber"

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