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There it is, the peak of comedy.

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Why are saplings the worst fanbase on this board? I swear to fuck no one spams the catalog like you niggers

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>realistic sized dick
this is your brain on hentai and bbc porn

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>she took a day off!
>look guys she's graduating!!!!

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I just wish you retards could have proofread a little

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Anon... why are you bragging about 120 people? And that's for an ENTIRE GROUP? 120...? Oh god, that's actually sad.

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Oh no! Not a bad name??? How will we ever survive? Our whole life revolves around twitter troons and dramatubers. We are fucking done!

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I think its time to admit that she's gonna become a reluctant lifer, if she decides to fuck off there goes her universal label , her marketing budget, and her connections. She does not want to lose that and she knows if she does lose it she is fucked professionally.
Before someone says "but VSHOJO can give her the money for her career." how much money are they actually willing to spend on her? VSHOJO doesnt have COVER or even Nijisanji money and this is just factual, not only that but, if Calli left to VSHOJO how many deadbeats will actually follow? She wont be like KSON because KSON had a ton of crazy shit happen behind the scenes (antis, bugs, Holo management etc), she doesnt have that scandal to prop up her numbers. If we wanna imply her RM account would be enough that is just out right laughable. She only stands to LOSE more than gain anything from leaving.
Hell this all implies she even wanted to join VSHOJO, for all we know she could just say fuck VTUBING as a whole, which again would be career suicide. Calli is dumb but she isnt retarded.

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>leaking /cope/
fess up, which one broke containment?

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>LATAM found my low 2view oshi's stream and now the chat is all in Spanish

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>Why doesn't anyone bring Uruka up?! There are no fans here!
>Yeah, nobody talks about her, I wish someone would bring her up in conversation here.
>Same. You see stuff about other chuubas here all the time, I wish someone would bring Uruka up.
>This. Someone should bring her up so I can talk about her from time to time. This is bullshit.
>I feel the same way. I really wish someone would talk about Uruka here sometimes, it's so demoralizing to-

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>Gen 3 had literally 1 good chuuba (Flare) Marine and Pekora are normiebait, Noel and Rushia literally forgettable
>but I tend to forget that Polka exists
How dare you use this vile slander to defend HoloX

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>assumes everyone is OP

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bait taker spotted

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have you?
They're all from the same tribe newfag-kun

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>Bae leaves the stream
>Stream actually starts having an interesting conversation
>Bae enters the stream
>starts playacting again
Jesus Bae, it's not about you!

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Marine will be happy Ina Ina Inaaaa is back too. She kept singing it when she'd see Ina or Takos during HoloCure.

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>brapfags aren't the same as scatfags
Or so they claimed, but here we are. Who could have seen this coming?

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I'm usually good about ignoring bait, but Jesus Christ when there's absolute newfaggot takes trying to rewrite history because of threadreading my blood boils

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She LITERALLY showed her bare ass in all its glory on stream. Front and center. With a full audience.

Just another Kson lie. Right up there with "indie"

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