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i wish

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>Luca and Vox were huge tik tok tier normalfag
They played games famlira, they were also insanely fucking gay and I fucking hate Luca and Vox, but at least they didnt clout chase on youtube...

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based k-fairy

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already did, not feeling better at all.

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>feesh making a cover
>pomu making a new original song
Famlira... just smile through the pain bros.

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>Will Pomu get a new outfit for her birthday
Do you really want to see fagoons going meltdown mode for a whole day again because Pomu got another outfit before Selen?

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>that half of the shitposters that come here during these hours have ever watched Niji, they just come here to shitpost

guess i'm the half that does.
I also member and super chat the girls, because I need to constantly be up on whatever rrats and drama might happen so I can get (You)'s.

This shit is a desperate economy man, any 2 bit hack can come in, make some shitty rrat and get a (You), but if I make a rrat with evidence, I get more (You)'s and it spreads to twitter eventually.

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After a year, I finally shaved my beard.
It wasnt even a beard, it looked like pubes growing on my face and I wanted to see how long I could go without shaving and see how long it'd get.
It seemed to max out back in March but I wanted to keep it just incase.
I'll miss the fella, but not like I can grow an actual manly beard

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I had something like this happen to me.. How innocent I was..

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why do people who dont even watch NijiEN post here...

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I have a well paying job, i'm my own boss, I literally have a family...
so why do I want to do my reps, and get into Nijisanji just to hang out with everyone

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I had a dream about Harry Potter last night.
I was Harry Potter's kid after the Wizarding War, and Slytherin was like, "IM GONNA KILL YOU, YOUR DAD SHOULDA DIED" or some fucked up shit.

But I was getting bullied by this black muscular dude named "Two Tone", and he'd stab my armpit with a sword and it'd hurt and pinch the skin and everyone in Slytherin would laugh, basically pretending to kill me in the halls.

But one day I got tired of him and fucking Expelliarmuss'd his ass across the hallway and into a pillar and pissed him off, and then everyone was surprised I fought back and then I woke up

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I'm tired of being alone, I just want a bad romance

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h-haha yeah...
in other news my new passport is now on its way

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One day without a shitposter samefagging for hours, a schizo sperging out, or drama is all I ask for.

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yeah but dont call me a whore

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LGBTQ+ normiedragonwhore...

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>I realized I will never be normal
I remember when I had that realization...

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i still have the hxh stream to catch up on after work, elirium refill inbound
just need to hold out...

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Man the threads are gonna be shit for a few days, holoEN next stream is like in 3 days, so shitposter will be invading every general and the catalog.

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ngl goreposter is more annoying than shitposters
sorry maybe you have a good intention but my wife's streaming rn and you destroying the comfy time

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Elira can't talk to chat.. Elira can't play with her ID friends.. Elira can't join the Valorant collab.. Elira can't play Friday the 13th.. Elira's in a lot of pain... I miss Elira, she doesn't deserve this...

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